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Put the Laughter back in Slaughter

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One would think that living next door to a chicken slaughterhouse in Brooklyn means you’re practically on skid row – light years from the next gentrified, bourgie-hipster camp. Wrong! In the heart of trendy Greenpoint, a condominium building turned rental went up right next to a long-standing temple of poultriatic doom. Tenants shell out $2500 a month to get an earful of constant squawking combined with the persistent stench of death of the expiring yellow-bellies. The residents morbidly refer to the situation as ‘fowl play.’ But their protest against the 1928 killing factory has finally been successful, offering a new space for comedic relief.
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Berlin Street Music

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Berlin Street MusicStreet music is continuously facing regulations all around the world and unfortunately Berlin is no exception. Often due to poor transparency and enforcement of unclear busking regulations, there is a need to make a change in order to preserve an active cultural scene that takes its vibrancy from the streets!

Berlin Street Music is an advocacy group set up supporting Street Art – in particular Street Music in Berlin. Their attempt is to unite musicians, the public, policy makers, advocates, businesses, lobby groups, and anyone else involved in creating a thriving, culturally rich, and economically sustainable street art scene.

S2S met up with Geordie Little, Bennet Cerven and Stefanie Tendler who are the founders of the initiative Berlin Street Music to speak about what it takes to keep busking alive in Berlin.

S2S: How did the idea for Berlin Street Music come to life?
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Notes of Berlin: A Mirror of the City

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lionelYou spotted an incredibly strange flyer that you absolutely had to photograph and share on Facebook with your friends. You thought, wouldn’t it be great if an entire website would be dedicated to these postings. Guess what.

Notes of Berlin is exactly that. The incredibly funny, participatory blog is an homage to all the notifications that can be found daily all over Berlin. Stefanie Tendler chatted with its initiator Joab Nist. 

S2S: In October 2010 you launched „Notes of Berlin,“ how did the idea for the blog evolve?

Joab Nist/Notes of Berlin: The idea came to life in Berlin. In 2004, I moved from Munich to Berlin, because of the city, not because I was accepted to University or due to a job offer.  I was impressed by everything Berlin had to offer, even just riding on the subway. Everything was the polar opposite to Munich and since I always have had a passion for photography, I never left my house without my camera and came to Berlin with the intention to take a lot of pictures. I stayed alert when I walked around the city, stepping into corridors to get some insight, inspecting every place I encountered very intensively.

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