My Berlin for your Brooklyn

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To me it has always felt like the two cities are
connected by a subway line.
Alexander Hacke, aka Dr. Hacke, Einstürzende Neubauten

An experienced home exchanger with six apartment swaps under my belt, I was in no position, in the winter of 2009-2010, to travel abroad. So, when someone from Berlin inquired about an apartment swap, I sent back a modest proposal.

I offered my apartment as the New York City-based accommodation for the inquiring Berliner and her partner while the designated traveler would be my friend Marion, a writer, web designer, and translator.

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Back to the Future

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TWA Terminal

TWA Terminal  at JFK

“The best things in life are free” goes the old adage and for the rest there’s MasterCard. That’s how last Sunday went down when we were escorted to the old TWA Terminal at JFK in an old friend’s 1964 Ford Falcon station wagon.  For the price of a couple gallons of gasoline and short term parking, we were able to experience an architectural landmark in all its 1960s sublime glory. Untouched, except for a few minor 80s alterations, the entire structure was open to the public last weekend during Open House New York. A once in a lifetime visit that effectively allowed the spectator to time travel back to a period of aesthetics, that ultimately, we can no longer arrive at.

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Eva Koethen: New Spaces of Perception

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Photo: Friedmar Graichen.

Last week Eva Koethen‘s show The Creation of New Spaces of Perception opened at the German Consulate General in New York. The photographs in this new exhibition, installed on the floor of the lobby, are not only to be viewed but also to be walked on – in a corporal as well as metaphorical sense. S2S talked to Eva Koethen about the concept behind her current work, her home town Berlin, her frequent visits to New York and the changes she has witnessed throughout the years in both cities.

S2S: You are known for your Tritt-Bilder (Step-on pictures). You have stated that in your work “the field of potentiality at the feet of the beholder is no longer limited to visual observation but the images have to be walked on and across.“
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The Trouble Notes get around

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The Trouble Notes1It all started one fateful summer night along the east river in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, when violinist Bennet “The English” Cerven was playing a loft party overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Fellow musician  B-Zy Brain spontaneously joined him in an impromptu jam session. They found their third member, drummer Olli/Oliver Maguire, on the road and became The Trouble Notes. After New York City, London, Dublin and Prague, The Trouble Notes’ whirlwind tour finally led them to the streets of Berlin. Stefanie Tendler struck up a conversation with Bennet Cerven and The Trouble Notes when she discovered the trio playing at Warschauer Strasse the other night.

S2S: What meaning does street music have in your life as a band?

The Trouble Notes: There is no better way to show people what you do than to stand on a corner (or under a bridge!), pop open a case and just play.
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