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A Berlin Calling

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“What has always made Berlin such an interesting place are the many different characters that come and go as well as the the fact that this city is always changing.”

Being a relative newcomer to Berlin, Katerina  Oikonomakou found an interesting way to explore the city and meet its colorful people. She started an online magazine called Berlin Interviews which is all about talking to strangers who happen to be artists and thinkers whose work she finds stimulating. But Katerina is no stranger to journalism, she is editor-at-large for the online fashion magazine ladies & gents, as well as a contributor to the Greek monthly “the books’ journal.” S2S wanted to find out more about Berlin Interviews and what brought Katerina from Athens to Berlin.

S2S:  Katerina, you are usually the one who asks the questions – how does it feel to be the interviewee vs. the interviewer?

KO:  A little strange. I’m tempted to put some questions marks here and there!

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