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C/O Berlin Closing Party at Postfuhramt

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Photo: Sebastian Marggraf
Photo: Sebastian Marggraf

“Hey Paula, we just had dinner, we will be there a bit later…”

I was expecting that most of my friends wouldn’t manage this early affair and anticipated that it could be difficult to enter a bit later…So I took my Italian flat-mate by the hand. Hurry up and come with me, I really want to show you the building one more time before it will be closed “forever.”

I love the Postfuhramt. It is one of Berlin’s most beautiful buildings. When I went to the exhibitions there I always made it a point to view the building as a work of art┬áby itself. I viewed the photography in combination with the beautiful and special┬ápatina of the walls, while the different sized rooms enhanced the atmosphere of every exhibition.

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