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NYStyleStories-1New York Style Stories is a series of short documentary portraits by Maaike Holvast. The different episodes portray various New Yorkers with distinctly outspoken styles and document not only their vivid visual expressions, but also the personalities that motivate such display. We showed you one of those exciting short films last year, now we finally found the time to catch up with Maaike and discuss everything style and her latest project +1 Significant Others.

S2S: Before becoming a documentary filmmaker you studied Fashion, worked as a stylist, brand consultant and fashion editor. What is it about fashion that fascinates you and why did you choose documentary film-making to explore the subject more in depth?

Maaike Holvast: I was always more interested with the WHY, then the HOW of fashion and style. People spend so much time, effort and money on appearances, yet many of us never really think about what motivates us to choose our clothing, hairstyles etc. At the same time we all categorize and judge others by it. During my education this was already obvious. I was most interested in the classes that dealt with the psychology of style and the influences of societal trends on fashion. After graduating and working in the industry for a while I realized, not many people in the fashion world share my fascination.

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tag: Documentary

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