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Elise Ballegeer: Ethically Minded Fashion

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©Florian Wenningkamp

FIER management launches FIER vitrine during Berlin Fashion Week AW14/15. A curated selection of emerging avant-garde and contemporary fashion and accessories designers will present their collections at this year’s new fashion show organized by FIER management. Elise Ballegeer, a New Yorker designer based in Berlin will be part of the exciting event, introducing her latest fashion collection.

S2S: In 2009 you decided to leave the Big Apple to come to the German metropolis with the famous TV tower to realize your vision of a personal fashion label Elise Ballegeer. You impressed the fashion cognoscenti with your two collections at the fashion week last summer and were rewarded with success. What made you leave New York City and come to Berlin?

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Hashtag Hashart

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HashartOriginally Till Leinen and Jonathan Schmalöer wanted to realize diverse projects without a commercial attempt. They sprayed walls with digitally constructed designs, created Christmas cards and even produced short film clips. 4-5 months ago the idea for a clothing line came to life. The evolvement of the initial idea to the actual end product took some time, as Till and Jonathan only wanted to publish results they were 100 % satisfied with.

On December 1st the two designers launched their online store: Hashart!

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Thomas Behrens: Brave New Design

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Thomas Behrens 10

Thomas Behrens is a fashion designer with a special vision. He is not interested in creating clothes for profit, rather Thomas Behrens  strives to design a really good jacket that lets you dream and realize your fantasies. Hence, his collections are more conceptual than commercial in nature. A great emphasis is placed on workman-ship, materials and distinguishing characteristics. Thomas Behrens  rebels against the cultural wasteland and boredom that prevails in fashion today. Which in turn, incites him to never work with beautiful but banal clichés like frills and felt flowers – just because it is fashionable. Thomas Behrens  is finding innovation in precision.

After someone advised  Thomas Behrens to concentrate on realistic everyday fashion he decided to create one last couture collection, inspired by Superstudio, the Italian architecture group who had a major influence on the Radical Architecture movement of the late 1960s. Like his architectural predecessors, Thomas Behrens’ design is heavily influenced by futuristic landscapes. The collection is called “Prototype” – challenging all aspect of design and technical limits. The collection is as much Behrens’ manifesto as it is a critique of contemporary fashion and the constraints of commerce. Ever the provocateur, Thomas Behrens staged a guerilla fashion show right in front of the main event tent during Berlin’s Fashion week.

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Made in Ghana

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Familienmitglied_Interview 3

“Serwaa steht Dir gut”!

         “Serwaa looks good on you!“

Regina Dwomoh was born in Kumasi, Ghana but grew up in the German city Mönchengladbach. In 2002 she decided to move to Berlin to go to acting school. Yet she always felt attached to her native soil and the cultural diversity of her home country. The colorful fabrics that represent Ghana hold a special meaning to her, so she decided to create Serwaa – a fashion label focusing on bed linen, which is hand-crafted from high quality African materials. Stefanie Tendler met up with Regina to find out what inspired her to found Serwaa.

S2S:  How would you describe Serwaa?

RD: You’re not going to look like a wallflower with Serwaa [Regina flashes a big smile]. Serwaa is cheeky, proud and self confident. For me it is the feminine gateway of the continents, wanting to cross territorial borders.
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