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Andrea Pichl at ISCP

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APConcurrent with her latest exhibitions in Berlin and Antwerp, Belgium, the Berlin based artist Andrea Pichl spent the last few months in residency at ISCP, in Brooklyn, NYC. S2S spoke to Andrea Pichl about her recent work and her time in delirious New York.

S2S: The title of your exhibition in Berlin is ‘delirious Dinge’ – a reference to Rem Koolhaas’ Delirious New York?

Andrea Pichl: It’s just a question of semantics. Granted the title was inspired by Rem Koolhaas. But in the case of my exhibition it means something completely different and has no relation to Koolhaas’ excellent book. To be ’delirious’ – “auser sich sein“ in German isn’t really a good equivalent.

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Eva Schweitzer: Berlinica

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Eva C. Schweitzer1Eva  Schweitzer, is a seasoned journalist, author and founder of the Berlin based publishing company Berlinica Publishingwhich introduces English-language books about Berlin to Americans. Bi-continental and always on the move, we had to belt along to catch up with Eva in NYC before she boards her next flight back to Berlin.

S2S: Your career as a journalist started in Berlin, writing for the taz and the Tagesspiegel before you moved to New York nearly 15 years ago. What made you decide to live in the Big Mango?

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Berliner Schule is dead – long live Berliner Schule

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Berliner Schule 1From November 20 to December 6, MoMA will host The Berlin School: Films from the Berliner Schule. These films were created in the aftermath of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, during the unification process of East and West Germany. Beyond presenting a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of independent filmmaking by Berlin based auteur filmmakers, the films of the  Berliner Schule give an insight into contemporary German cultural identity.

The Berliner Schule or Berlin School is probably easier to define by what the filmmakers and their films do not have in common versus what they do. None of the directors of the Berliner Schule are from Berlin but hail from much smaller West German towns.

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Berliner Schaubühne at BAM

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urlLast week, acclaimed director Thomas Ostermeier and the Berliner Schaubühne returned to BAM | Brooklyn Academy of Music  with a contemporary adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s 1882 play An Enemy of the People. S2S went to see what contemporary German theater is all about these days.

I highly anticipated Thomas Ostermeier‘s Berliner Schaubühne adaptation of Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People, since my first love of all the arts was the theater. Sitting in the dark, all by myself in immediate vicinity to the stage, without the protective arms of my parents, I got hooked at an early age when the company my father worked for would send kids to see The Wizard of Oz and other age appropriate plays during the Christmas holidays.
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My Berlin for your Brooklyn

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To me it has always felt like the two cities are
connected by a subway line.
Alexander Hacke, aka Dr. Hacke, Einstürzende Neubauten

An experienced home exchanger with six apartment swaps under my belt, I was in no position, in the winter of 2009-2010, to travel abroad. So, when someone from Berlin inquired about an apartment swap, I sent back a modest proposal.

I offered my apartment as the New York City-based accommodation for the inquiring Berliner and her partner while the designated traveler would be my friend Marion, a writer, web designer, and translator.

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