New York Style Stories

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NYStyleStories (1)New York Style Stories is a series of short documentary portraits by Maaike Holvast. The different episodes portray New Yorkers with outspoken style and document not only their vivid visual expressions, but also the personalities that motivate such display.  These short pieces – which focus on people who are trying to define and express their individuality in the anonymity of New York City – constitutes the first chapter in the filmmakers’ ongoing fascination for visual identity and its underlying psychological mechanisms.  





New York Style Stories, Zelda from Maaike Holvast on Vimeo.

Zelda: Zelda Kaplan passed away suddenly in the Summer of 2012 about a year after the completion of this video. During her life she spend a lot of time in Africa where she fought for womens’ rights, but the last few years of her life she mostly spend her days reading and socializing.   She will be gravely missed and fondly remembered by her many friends.

The episodes of New York Style Stories were originally programmed with, an Amsterdam based online platform for media and culture.

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