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(Gas_mask_training,_Naval_Training_Center,_San_Diego,_California.)_-_NARA_-_295589In case you missed it –

the world is coming to an end…      

That’s right! The future is here and yesterday is over. Think about it. The middle class is dying, nobody is working, and if they are, they’re making a fraction of what they did make. The rich are getting richer and living in even more luxury than ever before. Small business is on its way out, and corporate is stronger than ever. Politicians are lying and they’re not even apologizing or trying to hide it anymore. Wars are being waged on several fronts, and somehow they just seem less legitimate than Vietnam, but even more surprising – nobody cares! So you heard it here first. The apocalypse is now! Just look around you and you will see it. It lives in today, and it started yesterday.  Now live it. Live for today because who knows how bad it will get tomorrow.  Y.O.L.O.? Put it down, and bring it back to Carpe Diem.

We make sure that you go down in style. Whether you are forced to deal with urban warfare, terrorist attacks or just the occasional environmental crisis, this survival gear will guarantee that whatever the situation is – you are dressed for the occasion! Here are our suggestions:


With these outfits you can not only look good but do good! 


Get ready for climat change


For a real collection of post doomsday fashion check out the designs of London based designer Mingki Cheng: 

Mingki Cheng – The 6th Ally 2012: Body Protection System from Jeff Metal on Vimeo.

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