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Passing Stranger

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PSlogoPassing Stranger is an audio poetry tour through the East Village that guides you to various locations that were frequented by seminal American writers from the Beat Generation and their disciples. The Tour is narrated by Jim Jarmusch, with a soundtrack from John Zorn, and is easily downloaded to a smart phone. A lot of care and attention to detail were edited into the audio tour that allows participants to time travel back to the days when Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Frank O’Hara and others were just ordinary fixtures on the streets of the East Village. The tour is produced by Pejk Malinoski and The Poetry Foundation and lasts about 90 minutes, but it will stay with you forever. We talked with Pejk about the tour, Jim Jarmusch and poetry at large. 

S2S: Pejk, you have always had a passion for poetry. Today, there is spoken word but poetry is often thought of as rather antiquated. What was it about poetry that made you want to become a poet? What were some of the poems that influenced you?

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