Tanaka Canziani: Mood Meister

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156871_174055959414167_72150144_n“It´s all up to you. You can start with nothing.”

One morning after a long night out in Berlin two guys randomly met on the train and just started talking about music. They went on and on talking about nothing in particular and all of a sudden came to the point where they decided to work on a project together. These two were actually two very talented dudes and their project,  “Tanaka Canziani,” would mix music and poesy. There is no sign of commercialism in their elaborate modulations – they tell stories created from memories.

J CanOne of the guys is a sound designer, the other one writes poetry and sings. When K’Khan and J Can started to cooperate last December their vision was to capture a feeling and create a certain mood with their music. Working on their compositions, the music they create becomes very personal the further they dive into the process. The mood they want to translate with their sounds always evolved from a night out partying in the club scene of Berlin with a mix of their personal interactions. They want to hold on to all the feelings and impressions they had the night before and pass them on to the people listening to their music.

K'KhanTanaka Canziani usually start with a complex composition and start simplifying it as much as they can over a long, laborious process so that the sound will change and develop to something totally different after a week’s time. One of them just starts from scratch, trying to encapsulate the feelings of the night before with a sound. There is no compulsion in their cooperation because the sounds are only produced in periods of inspiration and comfort. The beats are often repeated and the lyrics are improvised. The right kind of technical implementation of the music is not that important, but rather needs to convey the emotions and feelings that make the guys feel at ease. The beauty lies in the mistakes that happen whilst creating the music. For K’Khan and J Can they are a sign of perfection and so they won’t eliminate them.

Their studio is a co-working space in the middle of Kreuzberg, with three other sound design teams, who regularly give input. Tanaka Canziani usually don’t plan on meeting up, but actually let the spontaneous feeling of the perfect mood for making music decide on the right time to create a new tune. This process does not end in their sound studio, but gets its character by the interpretation and recreation of its audience, recalling glorious nights passed. Tanaka Canziani have just finished three new tracks and are working on two further ones.

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