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“Seeing and buying is one thing, TakepART is another.”

Today is the first day of the PREVIEW BERLIN ART FAIR. In its ninth year of existence,  the fair will present galleries from Berlin and the international art circuit. Always held at interesting locations, this year the fair takes place in the former painters’ halls of the opera workshop in Zinnowitzer Strasse.

Art works at fairs are often more decorative than conceptual in nature. Frieda Bellmann picked one project shown at PREVIEW that is visually and conceptually engaging.

Concepts such as “shareconomy,” “crowdfunding” and “co-working” are recent phenomena that have changed our understanding of ownership and sharing. These recent developments are also progressively influencing contemporary art. With her pilot project TakepART, Stephanie Jünemann investigates what participatory possibilities artistic production can offer to the artist as well as the recipient of the work of art.

TakepART is based on co-working and relies on the collaboration between an artist and a collector or buyer in the production of art. Jünemann explores a new kind of artistic production in which she forms an alliance with the buyer, turning him/her into a co-producer. Expanding his or her role from observer to producer of works of art, the purchaser is encouraged to directly participate in the production process. S/he submits a photographic reproduction of his/her hand to the artist, who will then add a unique color shape to the work – the cooperation literally goes „hand in hand.“ In the end, the buyer can call a work of art his or her own that s/he personally contributed to. The co-producer will not only get the work as an original, but co-decides the tint and title of the work.

Please takepART! from Stephanie Jünemann on Vimeo.

As a fine artist and academic, Stephanie Jünemann is not only active as a producer but also as a mediator of art. She is a professor of art at the Art Academy and is involved in other educational projects at various schools. As a painter with a conceptual, abstract approach, she always seeks to deal with color as a material and with its concrete conditions.

The painting itself is her subject, the method, as well as the properties of the materials. Her color studies give not only a deeper meaning to the material ‘color’ but also explore the physicality or objectivity of the medium. She sets the “color bodies” in relation to figurative elements, for example to her hand or that of her collaborator, and pictorially creates an interaction between figure and color that is meant to induce a sensual and haptic experience.


19 – 22 September

Opernwerkstätten Berlin
Zinnowitzer Straße 9
10115 Berlin


Opening hours:
Friday, September 20 until Saturday, September 21, 2013, daily 1–8 pm
Sunday, September 22, 2013, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Opening reception: 

Thursday, September 19, 2013, 6–10 pm (ticket 5 Euros)


To support  TakepART check out this site.

To see more of Stephanie Jünemann’s work visit her site: www.SJuenemann.de








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