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Fun“Raise your gaze and you will see no borders”

that’s a Japanese expression that aptly describes the last few months. Somehow, over a very short timespan, a very eclectic group of people coalesced to partake in the idea of ‘crossing borders.’ In the case of Station to Station, the transatlantic cultural magazine, those borders are the Atlantic Ocean, a time difference of six hours and vastly different cultural perspectives.

So, it was that on July 26th, on a warm summer evening, that we gathered by the River Spree to publicly celebrate the launch of Station to Station. And, thanks to Russell Radzinski who hosted us at his Emerson Gallery Berlin, that celebration was a memorable one. The atmosphere was relaxed, the presenters were energized and the audience was enthusiastic.

Helping to cool things down and yet somehow simultaneously heat them up was Matteo Bovio aka “DJ Qubo”. Before and after the show, he created the ambience of the evening with a fusion of Psytrance, Minimal and Deep House. Born in Italy, Matteo, moved to Berlin in 2011 and has been DJing regularly ever since.

British comedian James Harris was our MC. Nine years ago, James ‘left England to explore the world and never got further than Berlin’. According to James, he was in Germany when the first joke was ever told there.

Christian Schinnerl and Lisa Polk opened the evening of presentations by showing Hemdless, their design collection of shirts for people with Downs Syndrome.

Nicolaus Schmidt presented a slide show of his photographic portrait of New York City’s Astor Place Barbershop. Astor Place is, in his words, ‘a universe of hairdressers’, hailing from all corners of the globe – from Egypt to Cuba to Russia. His project is in book form, which was on sale at the launch.

Ann Schomburg presented a very ironic short film about her grandfather describing a painting that she had created at the age of three.

Composer/singer Cassis-Birgit Staudt wrote a song dedicated to our launch and performed it with her accordion. We all joined in in singing the chorus.

The launch party went late into the night but, as all good things do, eventually ended. Still, as the crowd drifted into the street and continued the party outside as the River Spree looked on, we left knowing the ground had been laid for the future success of Station to Station.

Slide show with soundtrack by DJ Qubo


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Photos: Davide Giorgio Bruneri

At this point, we want to thank everyone who contributed to the evening:

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the evening: Russell, James Harris, Matteo Bovio, Nicolaus Schmidt, Christian Schinnerl and Lisa Polk, Ann Schomburg, Birgit Staudt, Mike Trupiano, Ulli Hinz, Jasmin Varul, Verena Tendler,  Fieda Bellmann, Elisabetta Casagrande, Davide  Bruneri and, of course, the founder of Station to Station, Susanne Boswell.


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