A Royal Wedding with Herz & Leber

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Herz&Leber_Licht_BlinderChance and coincidence brought the collective “Herz & Leber” – which translates to – Heart and Liver together. It was during one of the legendary “Wild Wedding” parties at Brunnen70, where they spontaneously created a dance party –  striking their audience in awe. Based on this unique experience the two founders decided to create a series of parties  that would hold a surprise for their audience with each event they put together. They are known for engaging every single crew member and to amaze with their performances. S2S met up with Benny aka Bensøn Tack to portray the development of his crew.

 S2S: Herz & Leber- Heart & Liver? Who came up with the name for your crew and what does it mean to you?

Herz&Leber_BensonBensøn Tack/Herz & Leber: Well we always try to be straight forward and keep it as simple as possible, so we put some thought into what you really need, to have a good night out. When we tried to break it down we realized that the heart and the liver are the two organs that really keep you going at a party. The Heart and it’s beat can stand for the the basic rhythm not only of electronic music, but of music in general. It also stands for the love which is ubiquitous at every kind of dance event. Why else would we go out? And the liver obviously is there to take care of all the other stuff people tend to do in good company. The name was actually there far before our collective really got together. Me and a bar tendress of Berlin‘s favorite basement ‚Brunnen70‘ came up with it.

S2S: You want to surprise your audience, entertain and create a magical night. What is your secret recipe and what makes you different from other DJs in the electronic music scene in Berlin?

Bensøn Tack/Herz & LeberOf course we can’t tell our whole secret in a public interview (haha), but there’s a couple of simple key factors we try to focus on. One of them is development. We try to improve what we do every day and give our best (effort) to never settle. We are content of the result of our work so far, but our hunger is far too big to become fat and old and keep on doing the same. The nice thing about it is that we are never too proud of someone or something, which avoids taking ourselves too seriously. At our parties we don’t really feel different than any other guest, because that’s why we even create a festivity in the first place: to simply experience a pleasant evening with nice and interesting people. That’s one reason why we work closely together not only with DJs but also live performers such as our pianist Tronje and soon with guitarist Konrad von Boven.

Another important part of our work is how we set up our events. There’s always something you wouldn’t really expect, because we love to make thoughts become stuff. At some point in the planning there’s always an idea popping up, screaming to be put into reality. So we do it.


S2S: Your events are not defined by large bookings, but live from the verve of every crew member. What is your position on booking agencies and how do you perceive the electronic music scene in Berlin?

Bensøn Tack/Herz & Leber:  A lot of Berlin’s ravers – especially the under thirty crowd – believe more is more – that it’s most important to spend as much time as possible in particular clubs and listen to as many great acts as possible. I’m not trying to say that there’s something wrong with it, but I believe people should try to be more themselves and do what they are actually interested in. Of course it’s a big industry of which we will try to grab our piece of pie. It’s a fascinating culture you can develope a certain passion for, but I suggest people focus an something that’s more important than clubbing which in my opinion should be enjoyed in your free time or even as a hobby, but should not take the center position of one’s life. Music is there to help us cope with real life, to create balance.

That’s clearly the concept we are focussing on ourselves, because it fits our style very well. There has to be a lot to discover everytime you come. The feeling is more like being on a festival compared to a club night like the ones at Vielharmonie at Cosmic Kaspar. There you have one very cute dance floor. There you have more of a bar atmosphere and we are trying to deliver some high quality sound.

S2S: How would you describe the two event rows: “Royal Wedding” and “Vielharmonie”?

Bensøn Tack/Herz & LeberThe ‚Royal Wedding‘ at Brunnen70 was actually not our idea. This event has been there for about 3 years now. In March we had the honor to host a floor and the coorperation worked just fine and one thing came to another so that we are now hosting the whole event. The party has always been about creating all kinds of different worlds in a small area.

S2S: What is your connection to the Kiez- Wedding and how do you foresee its future?

Bensøn Tack/Herz & Leber: To be honest none of us is really deeply connected to Wedding, but it’s obvious to see that the aim to make it Berlin’s hot spot has failed and that the development of club culture is moving in the direct opposite direction – from Mitte towards southeast. This can be seen as sad, but I personally believe that it’s a chance. Since it’s so close to the center and well connected to the whole town, becoming more and more quiet it becomes attractive to live here.

S2S:  If you could take your project to another city which one would it be? What does Berlin mean to you and your crew?

Bensøn Tack/Herz & LeberCould be really nice to start something similar in Buenos Aires since the festivity culture there is quite vivid, but straight techno couldn’t work there like here in Berlin. I believe it’s more colourful and as a promoter you’d have more room to experiment.

Berlin means the world to us. It’s not just our home because we were born here 😉

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