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Get ready this Saturday for the birthday bash of 
Nachbarschafts Bass at st.GEORGE in Kreuzberg!

As a DJ collective they go by the name Bass Gang. Creating a gateway between Hip Hop, Ghetto Style and electronic influences, their main intention is to create a new sound, differing from the standard Hip Hop tunes. Their music perfectly matches the urban edge of Berlin.

Mino & Gofi of Bass Gang founded Nachbarschafts Bass [neighborhood bass] in the summer of 2012 and held their first event a half-year later on January 1st 2013. The name goes back to the fact that they are actually neighbors and both happen to like bass-oriented music.

Influenced by genres such as: Trap, UK Bass, Grime, R&B, Jersey Club and many more, Nachbarschafts Bass picks up on new sounds and take it as their quest to revolutionize the music scene in Berlin.

Bass Gang‘s events not only focus on the music but also create the right energy to have a great party and an entertaining show!

The underground atmosphere at the st.GEORG Berlin provides the perfect setting for their parties. Situated in a cellar with raw walls, graffiti art and an edgy vibe, the location creates the perfect backdrop for the type of party Nachbarschafts Bass want.

st.GEORG berlin kreuzberg e.V. was founded to support artists and creative people in Berlin, not just to provide a setting where they can present themselves and their ideas to an audience but also to assure the possibility of building a creative network. It’s an affair of the heart for them to host a diverse range of events and artists to guarantee an interdisciplinary variety. Everyone is welcome at st.GEORG! Anyone who has a good idea and knows how to present it, will have the chance to do so in one of the various event series. st.GEORG is not a Think-Tank but rather a Do-Tank. They want to see you in action.

In addition to performing at the new location, Nachbarschafts Bass is also serving up fine new tunes from Amsterdam with DoggTown’s most wanted Killerz Boeboe & Ganz, who will be part of the birthday bash!

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L I N E — U P :

BOEBOE (Soulec­tion, Dog­g­Town, Sabacan Records // Ams­ter­dam)

GANZ (HW&W, Dog­g­Town, Ter­ro­rhythm // Ams­ter­dam)

BASS GANG (Nach­barschafts Bass // Ber­lin)
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€€€: 5€ before 0:30 ; 8€ after

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