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Why does this city keep the street lights illuminated the entire night? 

Isn’t this a waste of energy and resources?

The night is fairly bright in this city and no one tends to question this, or bother to think about it. The design team of Cheesecake Powerhouse, a young creative studio based in Berlin, dealt with that issue and spontaneously installed a light switch on one of the lamp posts in the district of Kreuzberg. The interdisciplinary crew thought of this idea one evening after designer Chehad Abdallah had bought a light switch at Bauhaus hardware store. Che is originally from the graffiti scene and among other things having to do with art that does not only exist on screen, he has concerned himself with art taking place in urban spaces.

The set up of the installation took over an hour and required a lot of helping hands. The janitor, who normally handles the electric jobs in the studio became a major part of the project in which not only one person got an electric shock, proving the commitment of the team.

Powerhouse 2 the people! from CHEESECAKE POWERHO– USE on Vimeo.

Cheesecake Powerhouse will show the project at “Hans Zimmermann Stiftung” in Düsseldorf on June 1st. The light switch has now been fully functional for a time period of over 7 months. If you walk through the streets of Kreuzberg and come by Dresdner Strasse, don’t hesitate to look for the switch on one of the lanterns and turn the light off.


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