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PurPurinsight-dpi72-KLEIN„Unceasingly it is all about the sex”

“Unaufhörlich dreht sich alles um den Sex“

Purpur in  German (‘purpure’ in English) – or crimson is the description of a color between red and blue. Trying to define purple you will have your difficulties as the color chart range ends where the spectrum of ultraviolet and infrared intersects – on the edge of conspicuousness. Using a multitude of associations, nuances and facets 13 designer and artists from Berlin, Sana’a and New York display their work in the exhibition PurPur that positions itself in the area of conflict between sex, identity and society.

Aurora KellermannWith her work ‘What’s left of – the invisible city,’ Aurora Kellermann has created a portrayal and a snapshot of ubiquitous sex businesses in Berlin –  right in the middle but also at the edge of our society. Converting one’s own skin into a brand and presenting it in a shop-window, in this multimedia-based installation she creates a platform and gives sex workers a voice.

In her work ‘A Female Gaze’ Frau von Alqaida shows an unexpectedly different view ofFrau von Alqaida Yemen, where the lives of women and men are strongly separated. One of the only areas of intersection is the matrimonial bed. As a matter of course sex becomes the main focus in a female-male relationship and courtship a lifetime activity. The installation showcases ‘the female gaze’ of a veiled anonymous woman staring at men on the streets, who expose themselves in the most flamboyant and fashionable outfits Sana’as streets have to offer in 2013. Women rarely appear in public and it is difficult for them to be contribute in the public image production. As a photo artist, Amira Al-Sharif is working under hard conditions. Her work ‘Women of Yemen’ is one of the very limited documents which show the female perspective publicly within an  restricted environment dominated by men.

Sophie and Frieda Bellmann

‘Don’t say anything against masturbation; it is having sex with someone I love.’ – Frieda and Sophie Bellmann focus on sex, playfulness and gain lust by illustrating the wide possibilities of multi-sensual stimulation with sex toys.

Rich and famous or at least being recognized- in ‘Cyber Stardom’ Eric Helgas smudges theEric Helgas borders, by placing the virtual stars of the amateur model scene from the Internet, into the real world in front of his camera. Photographer and model, both subject and object of the examination, share the wish for fame and glory.

Linda KantchevPrimary and secondary sexual characteristics mark the ‘colors’ in Linda Kantchevs ‘Sex Cards’ –  a play with stimuli. Luck or strategy, commitment or risk, there is bluffing, cheating, winning and losing – but being part of it all- there is everything.

Over centuries in paternalistic societies women got used to ‘power’ being a male domain. WithElizabeth Pichler the uprising of the women’s movement in the 20th century this dominance is being questioned. In her work ‘Ersticken’ – Suffocation, Elisabeth Pichler litigates the Austrian author Elfriede Jelinek into a cross stitched image- a statement that sarcastically portrays the achievements of this evolution.


Sex is an accomplishment and sexiness is a capital, which has to be increased. The body with its worthiness resembles a product. Due to the reflection of her “fast-food-love” Ann Schomburg asks former lovers to step in front of her camera, while she uses their bodies as a canvas for her drawings.

Ann Schomburg


Brendan Shields

Sex sells. Out of 40 hours film advertisements of the 80ies Brendan Shields edits his work ‘Momorex’. Embodying stereotypical gender roles, ‘Mamorex’ exposes the promotional potential of sexuality.

How does it feel to be in the wrong body? Within twoAmrei Andarsch und Dea Vögler _Entschubladen works Amrei Andrasch and Dea Dantas Vögler debate the connection of gender and identity. In an experiment ‘DADA (Dea&Amrei >>Denis&Alex)’ both transform into a man for one week. Supervised and professionaly guided by a DragKing, they test and document their feelings and the reactions, which appear when living the the ‘wrong’ body. Their second work, “Entschubladen” creates a playful approach to facts and issues of ‘gender equality’.


Paula TrimburThe only bush I trust is my own! Women’s long hair is a sign for beauty, women’s pubic hair however not so much. Moreover, it is a no-go. With ‘Hairkinis’ Paula Trimbur criticizes our ‘porn generation’s relationship’ to pubic hair and transforms it into fashion accessories.


On August 08th, 2013 the „Kreativhaus“- the Wye would appreciate your presence at the vernissage, inviting you to purple drinks and an experimental live act:

PurPura delicate exhibition

Vernissage: Thursday, August 8 (7 – 10pm)

Dates: August 9 – 11, 2013

Venue: The WYE

Address: Skalitzerstr. 86, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Hrs: Fri 12 – 8:30pm; Sat 2 – 8:30pm

Finissage Sun 12am – 3pm



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