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HashartOriginally Till Leinen and Jonathan Schmalöer wanted to realize diverse projects without a commercial attempt. They sprayed walls with digitally constructed designs, created Christmas cards and even produced short film clips. 4-5 months ago the idea for a clothing line came to life. The evolvement of the initial idea to the actual end product took some time, as Till and Jonathan only wanted to publish results they were 100 % satisfied with.

On December 1st the two designers launched their online store: Hashart!

S2S: Orginally you were working on a variety of different projects under one name. When did you decide to transform Hashart into a clothing label?

Till Leinen/Hashart: In the context of our projects the idea of producing and designing clothing always was in the back of our minds. Jonathan and I used to have a similar project while we were still attending High School, but at that time we were lacking experience and were still a bit naïve. Based on the fact that it was rather a hobby to us at the time it was still rather unprofessional. However, it was a great experimenting phase though, but we didn’t really know what we were in for. We were able to benefit a lot from this time. After a long developing phase in which we tried to consider every tiny detail, avoiding all the mistakes we had made before- Hashart was finally born.

Photo: ©Johannes Engl

S2S: What exactly did you improve for Hashart?

Till Leinen/Hashart: For Hashart, we put a lot of thought into every design, every approach, focusing on every detail, driving it to its perfection. We only wanted to publish and present results that we were 100 % confident and happy about.

S2S: How do you design and create the images of your prints? Which technique do you use?

Till Leinen/Hashart: We both have a lot of creative input. I am personally influenced by a lot of different artists, labels and designs I encounter, while surfing the web, or wandering about. Jonathan is studying architecture and gets a lot of creative inspiration through his studies. We always have many ideas floating around our minds, so when we get together and pick up the designing process, we actually need to filter the diverse options and decide together on what we like and think could work or not.  The images then usually come to life in a very short time period. As Jonathan lives in Aachen and I am here in Berlin, we use the time when we actually see each other very intensively. The current collection for Hashart was designed within a week’s time.

For the print itself we use a screen printing technique. For our prototypes, however, we produce digital prints to see how they come out. Only if we are confident about the results we hand them over to our printing shop to discuss the further details with them.

S2S: How did you choose the shirt producer? What was an important criteria for the decision making process?

©Johannes Engl

Till Leinen/Hashart: Since it isn’t the first time we are printing our own shirts, we already had quite a good idea about the market and an overview of the quality and trading backgrounds. Before deciding on one shirt producer for Hashart we asked several distributers for samples. The shop we eventually decided on, convinced us not only in regards to the cuts, but also due to the organic and fair trade material they are using.

S2S: Since December 1st your store is online? Have you already sold you first shirts?

Till Leinen/Hashart Yes, we already got several orders actually. What surprised us most, is that we had two orders from other countries. One from France and one even from Australia.

S2S: Who do you want to address with your design? What is important to you in respect of your customers?

Till Leinen/Hashart: The focus is on younger people, but of course we don’t want to exclude anyone. What we care about most, is to satisfy our customers when they make a purchase. We put a lot of consideration into certain set ups and thought about the conflicting points we had stumbled over on other online stores. I know it sounds cheesy but at Hashart it’s really not only about the money we care about but leaving a positive impression.

©Johannes Engl

S2S: Is that why you lay focus on a direct exchange possibility?

Till Leinen/Hashart: We noticed that many online stores don’t have a contact number on their page. For us transparency and sharing ideas is an important part of the creation process and therefore we do have a contact number on our page under which you can reach out to us with your ideas, reclamations or words of inspiration.

S2S: Could you imagine doing a fashion show with your collection for Hashtag?

Till Leinen/Hashart: A classical fashion show probably wouldn’t match our design and our product. Yet we could imagine setting up some kind of performance or a live event. We are also planning on focusing on artists or musicians we like, who haven’t reached their peak of success in regards of a possible cooperation. We would like to ask them to maybe perform in our shirts and in exchange we would be pleased to use their music for videos of our products.

S2S: What does Hashart stand for?

Till Leinen: # art! All of our creative projects always have a connection to art and design. But also everything we do has a digital reference and the #-sign is the epitome of digital movements. So we wanted to express our analog design orientated background as well as the digital connection.

Christmas is approaching, and if you want to give away a uniquely designed t-shirt in a special package the Hashart collection might be right for you!


© Bildmaterial : Johannes Engl   

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