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IMG_9719 Music doesn’t lie!  If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music. 
Jimi Hendrix  

The Street is one of the most exciting stages for musicians – here they can experiment and are allowed to go wild. However, not all musicians are comfortable encountering the immediate and authentic reactions of an accidental audience. There is no hiding from the reaction of passers-by. Yet, the amazing thing is exactly the fact that there are no boundaries. There are no limitations of time and space when it comes to street performances, as it is entirely up to the band to decide how long and where they feel like playing.

In the name of street music, Berlin has been welcoming the summer season since 1995 on June 21,st  with the musical spectacle called “Fête de la Musique”– the festival of music – which is Worldwide Music Day.

Poster A1.inddIn 1982, Paris was the cradle for the idea of the former cultural minister Jack Lang, combining a couple of electrical connections with a lot of musical idealism. Today, it has gained popularity and developed to a global happening. People all over the world, in 520 cities of the world, 297 of them being in Europe, and even 41 alone in Germany, are connected on this very day. Music of every kind can be listened to by its audience for free. Amateurs and professional musicians are encouraged to play.

Thanks to all the bands, orchestras, choirs and soloists performing for free on this special day.

Here is info on the line-up.

For House-Dub-Techno check out the event organized by Cremaster Records.

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