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Fashion CircusThis weekend, from March 21st-22nd the former department store “Kaufhaus Jandorf” will open its doors to Fashion Circus BERLIN – a fashion and design festival with runway shows, exhibitions, a large designer market, as well as delicious food provided by Bite Club. In its third installment, Live Networking Fashion & Art (LNFA) and Montagsmarkt, a platform for young designers, creatives and collectors, collaborate on Fashion Circus BERLINS2S spoke to Valeria Klapproth of Montagsmarkt, one of the initiators of this year’s event to get some insights on Fashion Circus.

S2S: How did the idea for Fashion Circus Berlin come to life and how does this event compare to the atmosphere at a circus?

Valeria Klapproth: Katja Weber of “Montagsmarkt” (with Vania Kukleta) and I met some time ago in Berlin. Together, we made the decision to transfer the market concept which originated in Switzerland where I am from, to Berlin. Some weeks ago LNFA approached us, asking if we were interested in organizing a designer market with them.

As a group, we decided to generate a design event, creating a platform for young as well as established designers. Designers will have the possibility to present their labels in a stimulating environment and be in direct contact with the potential customer.

The concept of the circus alludes to magic, color and joy, in other words, a remarkable setting that speaks to young as well as older generations. Our exhibitors consist of a select group of upscale designers, which form a colorful bouquet, distinguished by creativity and singularity. Because fashion is always a little bit of a circus, and due to the unique ambience, we decided to name this designer market Fashion Circus.

We want to fill the Kaufhaus Jandorf with a unique touch for one night.

S2S: Besides fashion your audience can expect to be entertained by music and will find a vibrant variety of culinary delicacies. Was it your goal to create a Bazaar atmosphere, which appeals to all senses? 

Valeria Klapproth: Montagsmarkt promises markets that differ from what we know and are used to. We want to create a place that creates the urge to linger around. A place where you feel comfortable and can stroll around, collect interesting impressions as well as interact with the designers. But not only that, Bite Club is letting you taste their exquisite cuisine and you can meet up with your friends for an after work drink. We want to create a place where you can let the day fade away and start into the night with new accessories and your favorite pieces. 

S2S: Friday Night will be dedicated to fashion shows and networking which is a great opportunity for many of the young participating designer. What can they expect from this event? 

Valeria Klapproth: LNFA (Sevil Uguz & Carola Bock) invited designers, artists, hair and make-up stylists, press, PR agents, retailers, bloggers, and investors who are interested in inventing new ideas right on the spot. Designers will expand their personal networks and present their work to potential investors. In that sense, they can expect an exciting and hopefully lucrative setting.

S2S:  How did you pick the participating designers?

Valeria Klapproth: Every designer who does what s/he does with passion is a potential participant. I reached out to many creatives in Berlin and went to see a lot of them myself. The designers participating within Fashion Circus are part of the event for a multitude of reasons. Generally, Fashion Circus has a high standard of design, the collections convince through quality, sustainability and originality.

S2S: What is your goal with Fashion Circus Berlin or what are you hoping to achieve this weekend?

Valeria Klapproth: Happy designers, happy guests and many new interesting connections and contacts.

And the slight hope that I don’t clear out my bank account totally, as there will be so many exciting things on display. For a better understanding – imagine you had the possibility to pick out 90 designers based on their collection and have them all come together in one place.

S2S: Do you have any projects planned for the future?

Valeria Klapproth: Currently, we are in touch with several interesting locations with whom we wish to organize future markets. In the meantime, have a look at our page: . There you can find out about our recent activities, or check us out on Facebook.

S2S: Do you have a favorite designer who is part of Fashion Circus?

Valeria Klapproth: We really were able to win over many of my favorite designers for Fashion Circus. To name all of them would extend this interview to three pages. But I will name one designer that I met in Wedding on a Pecha Kucha Event – Anna Kiryakova. She creates unique jewelry out of porcelain, gold and bicycle tires by hand. That probably sounds like a weird combination of materials. However, Anna manages to craft delicate and very gracious pieces of jewelry. She actually was first reluctant to be part of a market and I am very happy that I was able to win her over for this event. I had this experience with many other designers as well.

If I could make a wish for the next market, than I would love to have Commeonveut (Lan Behrendt) display his designs. I encountered his label while doing my research and would wear every single one of his pieces.


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