C/O Berlin Closing Party at Postfuhramt

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Photo: Sebastian Marggraf
Photo: Sebastian Marggraf

“Hey Paula, we just had dinner, we will be there a bit later…”

I was expecting that most of my friends wouldn’t manage this early affair and anticipated that it could be difficult to enter a bit later…So I took my Italian flat-mate by the hand. Hurry up and come with me, I really want to show you the building one more time before it will be closed “forever.”

I love the Postfuhramt. It is one of Berlin’s most beautiful buildings. When I went to the exhibitions there I always made it a point to view the building as a work of art by itself. I viewed the photography in combination with the beautiful and special patina of the walls, while the different sized rooms enhanced the atmosphere of every exhibition.

A few days before the closing party, I paid my last visit. Besides enjoying the displayed work of Christer Strömholm, I was looking carefully for the details in every room, the corridor, the floor and wall structure. I had great expectations for this closing event, regarding the installations that would accentuate the building’s extraordinary appearance. I was looking forward to see the building for the first time in its entire beauty, without any moveable walls, finally the windows would be cleared and allow a view outside.

Arrival at 9:05pm at Postfuhramt. Oh my gosh! What a queue…I don’t do queues, absolutely not! Lets just wait here close to the gap of the barrier in front of the entrance. After a while we will belong there and no one will have noticed that we sneaked in…And so it went…20 minutes later we entered. A 20 meter long moveable wall covered with pictures (which were all taken by the guest at the party) welcomed us. And this was actually the only lovely site-specific installation of the whole event. The exhibition walls were still everywhere, hiding the enormous windows and so somehow it felt like this party might as well have taken place in any other location without anyone noticing it. There certainly were many beautiful, well-dressed people who however seemed preoccupied with impressing others instead of having a relaxed good time or enjoying some wild dancing. Everyone was so artsy. Waiting in the queue already felt sooo VIP. Wired. Sure C/O is a great and very important gallery. But soon they will be at their new home at the Amerikahaus. So what? Did any of them really care about this building? Anyway, I made my rounds, said “hi” here and there, ogled the sexy muscular arms of the busboy and when I was in the queue for the men’s toilet I finally found the most alive & fun party-spot. The guys & other “women’s-toilet-queue-escaping-girls” were laughing, chatting with each other, joking, like out there was a great party going on…

C_O Closing Party2_Sebastian Marggraf
Photographer: Sebastian Marggraf

Yeah all in all, it was nice, nice music, nice people, nice installation. Around 1pm I left. Bye Bye Mitte. Bye Bye Postfuhramt.

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