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Bisque Rage Vol.6 Berlin is an all-day Berserk video challenge on June 14th that plans to gather 150 berserk filmmakers from all around Europe to shoot and make some original, creative and experimental moving content in just 9 hours. 

After a big success in Sweden, Korea, Switzerland, France and Denmark it was about time to take the sixth challenge to Berlin. Leo Marthaler is one of the organizers. Stephanie Tendler got the load-down.

S2S: If you could participate this Saturday what would the theme of your film be? 

Leo Marthaler: BB (The Barefoot Basterds) – It would definitely involve explosions, Currywurst and machetes, and it would be a love story, I like that … A man meets a girl and explosions. Kind of like Lola Rennt.

S2S: From your perspective, what does the commercial film industry lack of and if you could what would you change? 

Leo Marthaler: Commercial film is the equivalent of Happy Slapping for the soul. It’s like taking a baseball bat and repeatedly beating your heart with it while drowning into the Stix River. Why would you do such a thing? “Because Money!” Filmmaking always starts as a passion-driven activity, six zillion awesome ideas bubbling in your head and a lot of sleepless nights and mistakes. Then you land your first paid gigs…You come to realize that clients don’t want your “good stuff” they want something safe and tasteless. You slowly stop doing those one day video experiments with your friends. This is exactly what Bisque Rage was created for that- a one day Purgatory for lost DSLR souls.

Bisque Rage Vol.6 Berlin – TRAILER from Super duper 8 on Vimeo.

S2S: What can the participants and audience expect from the Berserk video challenge?

Leo Marthaler: When you give 150 extremely talented and frustrated filmmakers full creative control AND a drunk audience, something interesting is bound to happen: Let’s call it “Chaos.” They start to strip, shoot their videos in abandoned/illegal places, play with fire and run away like 10 year old renegades. THIS is always a lot of fun to watch and make.

S2S: What is the attempt behind the event? Where do you see yourself heading?

Leo Marthaler: Our big crusade, Bisque Rage World Tour is the thing. We are looking for sponsors to bring this event to over 14 different countries and reach over 2000 filmmakers. Why? Because it’s fun.

S2S: Name your personal favorite independent movie and describe one detail of your favorite scene. 

Leo Marthaler: The External World, by David O’Reily. A dancing moron, showering on the body of a suicidal girl. I like 34th degree humor- I should maybe start therapy.

lausanne (1)

S2S: What made you pick Berlin as the hosting metropolis for the sixth volume of Bisque Rage? 

Leo Marthaler: Now that we have made all the mistakes possible, it was time to move on to the real stuff. Berlin has for a very long time been our dream video-battlefield. Weapons steady. With directors flying in from all over Europe, (some of them actually even went to Cannes) or MCFitti throwing some Mayhem moves, it is going to be a lot of fun. Did we also mention that we are having a berserk DANCING BEAR and a BURLESQUE show at the party? Marlene Von Steenvag is going to heat up the place.

S2S: What connection do you have to the home of the TV Tower? 

Leo Marthaler: I have been living in NYC for quite a while and Berlin is its European equivalent. Just F*cking awesome. Two days ago, I saw a homeless man vomiting and singing “Bruder Jakob” in the subway and suddenly fall asleep, I mean, how can you not be inspired by this city?

S2S: What is the connection between the cities that have been invaded? Could you see yourself taking your event to the Big Apple?

Leo Marthaler: No real connections nor logic there, just opportunities. At every Bisque Rage we meet people who tell us that we should totally do that in their city. Because of awesomeness –  we do.

NYC is definitely on our bucket list, I can’t wait to see the Brooklyn Bridge on fire, with boobs.

Bisque rage will win.

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