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MusicVideoAwardThe 2nd Berlin Music Video Awards were held on May 28th – May 31st at Platoon Kunsthalle in Berlin Mitte. S2S talked to Aviel Silook and Konstantin Dellos, founder and PR manager of the annual festival that puts filmmakers and the art of music videos in the spotlight. 

S2S: What made you believe that Berlin needed a platform and annual event evolving around music videos? How did you develop your idea?

Aviel: I love music videos and it was a pity for me that this art form lost it’s glory…I didn’t know if Berlin needs it or not, I just did what I wanted to do, regardless of the market’s needs.

S2S: With the Music Video Awards just recently being held at Platoon Kunsthalle – what was your personal highlight of the four-day event?

Aviel: That’s a nice question. For me each nominated video maker and the bands are heroes who I deeply admire. During the year, I get to appreciate and love their work more and more. I know half of the songs by heart and the small details in every video. I really wanted to meet the artists in person. Having a minute to tell them how much I respect their works was the most fun thing.  Most of them are greatful for our institution as well. Imagine a very intimate moment where you stand in front of a person and you both admire each other’s work. I had many of those and those situations are my highlights.

Konstantin: Each day was special to me. Of course, the biggest highlight was the final award ceremony. But I also really enjoyed the live shows of Naked Truckers, Sala and the Strange Sounds, and Smash Hi-Fi.

S2S: We would like to take a peek behind the scene –  how do you choose the participating video artists and from which country do you receive the craziest material?

Aviel: The good stuff is really coming from everywhere! Some people within the industry are very experienced and have big budget while others come from countries that are not as wealthy and they may not have the same level of experience but they have a lot of passion and drive. For example, we have 2 winners from Hungary and 1 from the Czech Republic who we are very proud of.  They don’t have a lot of money but are extremely creative and talented. Think about it, they had to face artists and producers who are known world-wide and who work with budgets that you could easily buy a house with.

With some of the videos it was obvious for all of the team that they should be nominated, while others caused big philosophical discussions and even some loud arguments. We connect to the videos and songs just like teenage groupies. For me the videos that are causing the biggest discussions within the team are actually the most attractive ones, even if some criticism is really painful regarding the radical content, it is good … it makes people think out of the box.

Day 3 Highlights of the Berlin Music Video… by berlinmusicvideoawards

S2S: What was your personal favorite video this year and why?

Konstantin: We got so many good videos, it was pretty hard to select the nominees. Some of my favorites were Neosignal – Planet Online, Kaly Live Dub – Allaxis (amazing animation), The Correspondents – Fear & Delight (the actual overall winner).

Aviel: I am actually very satisfied with all the winners. Most of them were among my favorites (I didn’t just have one). It was very important for me to see that those who didn’t win took it in a nice way and appreciated the fact that they got nominated (which wasn’t so easy).

S2S: If you could be part of music video, what kind of genre would it be?

Konstantin: I have already acted in a music video. It was a video for my friend’s hardcore punk band. That was amazing. It was my longest stage dive ever!

Aviel: It would probably be bass music video.  Haha, when the bass music videos are playing and the sub was making all the nipples in the crowd vibrate it was very powerful. I am a big fan of good sound and you can really appreciate a sound system when it reacts good to bass music.

S2S: What does originality mean to you and how would you define that term using three words?

Konstantin: Authenticity, Creativity, Individuality.

Aviel: Creativity, Criticality, Perfection.

S2S: Can you imagine taking the Berlin Music Video Awards concept to other metropolis, like New York City?

Konstantin: You can do something similar in NYC – for sure, but it wouldn’t be the same. I have been to several places around Europe and North America, but I couldn‘t find this magic craziness anywhere as you have it here in Berlin. When we worked on the concept for the festival, it was very important for us to have this certain spirit of Berlin in it.

Aviel: In Europe there is some magic that I like. As a kid growing up in Haifa, Israel,  I was always excited about European history and culture. Being part of it today is something that I really like. Seeing the videos and smelling the local accent is something that we really like in our team. Sometimes we even play a game where we watch submitted videos together and I ask the team to guess where the video is from.  Our team is coming from about 20 different nations. That’s really fun and we learn a lot from each other. I guess that it could happen in other places but it would never be the same.. especially now that Berlin is the center of the world! 😉

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