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    MEYSTERSINGER: Searching for Truth

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    4lndb_meystersingerThe Berlin Group Meystersinger (which translates as Master Singers) recently released their new album Haifischweide. Fans of Meystersinger’s Roman Shamov and Luci van Org can look forward to a good dose of comforting techno and heartfelt lyrics, presented live at WABE – the cultural institution in Pankow. Station to Station met up with the two Meystersinger to talk not only about their inspirations and style but also about their archeological process in creating songs that contain meaningful messages.

    S2S: How did Meystersinger come about?

    Luci: The first time we met was because of an ensuing wedding between two of our common female friends. For this occasion we formed a wedding choir. So, Roman showed up right in the center of my living room. It was almost like “love at first sight. ” We didn’t hesitate very long,  as we immediately started singing and liking each other right away.

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