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    delirious Dinge at Krome Gallery Berlin

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    AndreaPichlAndrea Pichl’s exhibition delirious Dinge remains at Krome Gallery Berlin until the 8th of February. If you are a lover of contextual urbanism, it is definitely not to be missed !

    Krome Gallery Berlin is located on the bustling Potsdamerstraße, not so far from the eponymously-named, gargantuan Potsdamer Platz, known to Berlin visitors the world over.

    The location is rather apt, considering artist Andrea Pichl’s foray into the urbane with her current exhibition, delirious Dinge, being featured at the gallery.  One of the first things that strikes you when entering the exhibition, is the amassed collection of corrugated stone, sheets of plywood and various plaster constructions that would not seem too out-of-place in an everyday hardware store; or even a street corner, home to plants, or fencing off some form of space.  The deliberate nod to the questioning of an object’s place in space and time is cunningly created by the formation of new and unique structures – distant from their original, conceptive role upon manufacture.

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    I know you are, but what am I?

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    Part 1 of Daniel Brunet’s two-part series Aliens of Extraordinary Abilities places spectators in a dialogue with all manner of Berliners. Or are they ? 

    The public representation of Berlin street art offers an uncanny insight into the city’s psyche.  Adorning a non-descript façade, one such provocative scrawl serves as inspiration for English Theatre Berlin ‘s  Daniel Brunet in his documentary theatre piece exploring identity, with the backdrop of an ever undefinable Berlin.

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    Ashley Jones-Close-Up & Personal

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    ashleydashley-Kopie1Ashley Jones zooms in on people and art.  She is always looking for the perfect moment, completely immersed in the production of the photographs and always in synch with her subjects.

    Two very different cultures are part of her identity, with a Dad from Ghana and a Mom from the northern part of Germany called East Frisia. She grew up in Mönchengladbach in a very sheltered home, raised by her Mom and has followed a rather straight path in life, confidently taking one step at a time. The real fun started after she graduated from University – the excitement of freedom and self-fulfillment.

    S2S met with Ashley to find out more about her life in front of the camera as well as her passion for being behind it.

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