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    Berlinale 2014

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    BerlinaleI was asked to review one of the films I have recently seen at the Berlin Film Festival Berlinale 2014 by my dear friend Stefanie Tendler. At first, I was not sure which one I should pick, but leaving the Friedrichstadtpalast on Saturday with a feeling of grief, my gut feeling told me “Jack was going to be just the right kind of film to tell you about.

    A German production set in Berlin seemed perfect for S2S and most definitely stands for that kind of quality and beauty of German film that will hopefully make it across the German borders. If you are familiar with Berlin, you may recognize some of the places shown in “Jack.”  However, as joyful as it may be to see your city as the setting of a film, the story told could have happened anywhere. Jack, our protagonist is around 10 years old and takes care of his younger brother Manuel. His mother is loving and caring when she actually spends time with her children, but often too busy and generally overwhelmed, she is not dedicating enough time to them. She places the burden of all responsibilities on the shoulders of her oldest son.

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