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    “Seeing and buying is one thing, TakepART is another.”

    Today is the first day of the PREVIEW BERLIN ART FAIR. In its ninth year of existence,  the fair will present galleries from Berlin and the international art circuit. Always held at interesting locations, this year the fair takes place in the former painters’ halls of the opera workshop in Zinnowitzer Strasse.

    Art works at fairs are often more decorative than conceptual in nature. Frieda Bellmann picked one project shown at PREVIEW that is visually and conceptually engaging.

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    Lights out!

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    Bildschirmfoto 2013-03-15 um 10.01.04 (1)

    Why does this city keep the street lights illuminated the entire night? 

    Isn’t this a waste of energy and resources?

    The night is fairly bright in this city and no one tends to question this, or bother to think about it. The design team of Cheesecake Powerhouse, a young creative studio based in Berlin, dealt with that issue and spontaneously installed a light switch on one of the lamp posts in the district of Kreuzberg. The interdisciplinary crew thought of this idea one evening after designer Chehad Abdallah had bought a light switch at Bauhaus hardware store. Che is originally from the graffiti scene and among other things having to do with art that does not only exist on screen, he has concerned himself with art taking place in urban spaces.

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    Thomas Behrens: Brave New Design

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    Thomas Behrens 10

    Thomas Behrens is a fashion designer with a special vision. He is not interested in creating clothes for profit, rather Thomas Behrens  strives to design a really good jacket that lets you dream and realize your fantasies. Hence, his collections are more conceptual than commercial in nature. A great emphasis is placed on workman-ship, materials and distinguishing characteristics. Thomas Behrens  rebels against the cultural wasteland and boredom that prevails in fashion today. Which in turn, incites him to never work with beautiful but banal clichés like frills and felt flowers – just because it is fashionable. Thomas Behrens  is finding innovation in precision.

    After someone advised  Thomas Behrens to concentrate on realistic everyday fashion he decided to create one last couture collection, inspired by Superstudio, the Italian architecture group who had a major influence on the Radical Architecture movement of the late 1960s. Like his architectural predecessors, Thomas Behrens’ design is heavily influenced by futuristic landscapes. The collection is called “Prototype” – challenging all aspect of design and technical limits. The collection is as much Behrens’ manifesto as it is a critique of contemporary fashion and the constraints of commerce. Ever the provocateur, Thomas Behrens staged a guerilla fashion show right in front of the main event tent during Berlin’s Fashion week.

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    Tanaka Canziani: Mood Meister

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    156871_174055959414167_72150144_n“It´s all up to you. You can start with nothing.”

    One morning after a long night out in Berlin two guys randomly met on the train and just started talking about music. They went on and on talking about nothing in particular and all of a sudden came to the point where they decided to work on a project together. These two were actually two very talented dudes and their project,  “Tanaka Canziani,” would mix music and poesy. There is no sign of commercialism in their elaborate modulations – they tell stories created from memories.

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