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    I consume – therefore I am!

    Consumerism is constantly being questioned in socio-political discussions regarding the economy. Where does art fit into the act of consuming? Mass media consumption in our time has been criticized for reducing citizens to passive puppets. This criticism now seems to manifest itself in new definitions of consuming art as well, a focal point in the work of Fabian Altenried, the initiator of the art project Exeo In A Spasm and member of the Schuldenberg Foundation (Mt. Debt Foundation). S2S’s Burcu Sahin, talked to Altenried’s about the Foundation’s recent production Exeo In A Spasm and Altenried’s desire to rouse to action artists and spectators alike. Exeo In A Spasm was performed as Live Cinema with video screenings, music and performance on the 29th of March 2013, at the well-known cinema Babylon at Rosa Luxemburg Platz in Mitte, Berlin.  It was performed with Claudia Barth, Wanda Koller, Nataliya Dubova, Sebastian Ludwig di Salvatore, Kristof Gerega, Roman Schlonski and Rudi Spring.

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