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    bart plantenga: Beauty Is As Beauty Does

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    bart plantengaWinter brings frigid nights but this steamy short story from The Man Who Thought He Was The Man Who Loved Women by bart plantenga will heat up your groins!

    An ex-girl-friend-stripper-artist once told me that being beautiful – as painful as she found it to admit – was just as bad as being ugly, an Achilles heel, a burden that people hate you for. She may have called it “beauty persecution” or something like that.

    Well, Emke saw it differently. Emke considered her considerable beauty to be like a lead guitar, the bumper on a ’62 Cadillac, a backlit Ingres in the Louvres, a spring-loaded firearm… Her beauty, simply put, made others nauseous. It had a destabilizing effect in crowds. Imagine Marilyn Monroe stepping off the Whirl-i-gig into Madison Square Garden during a cock fight. Everyone suddenly gets up off their haunches, standing erect as if saluting the flag, silent and humble for a few endless seconds as their cocks scurry about. Some people will never understand this almost vengefully ecstatic, life-fucking aspect of beauty.

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