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Transatlantic Perspectives + Dialogue + Collaboration

Station to Station is the first independent transatlantic cultural magazine to facilitate dialogue between New York and Berlin. Through reviews of under-the-radar urban culture and conversations with cultural workers, S2S is dedicated to provide a forum for alternative voices from both sides of the big pond.

S2S is as much about on-the-spot coverage as it is about community building. We offer a variety of resources to Berliners & New Yorkers who split their time between both cities, or those who are thinking of re-locating from one to the other.





Susanne Boswell Susanne Boswell is the founding Editor of Station to Station (S2S). She is a German native who has lived in the US for many years, the last nine years in Brooklyn, New York. She studied Art History  and Visual Culture Theory (NYU). She is currently working on an exhibition about gentrification called First they took New York then they take Berlin.




Managing Editor

Jamie Kulhanek Jamie Kulhanek has lived and worked in NYC since 2008. She studied Art History at Michigan State University before moving to NYC to study Visual Culture Theory at NYU. Her focus has been on the political implications of art in a global context. Currently, she is the programs coordinator of the Artbus—a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion and dissemination of contemporary art that utilizes buses and other vehicles as itinerate exhibition spaces. She is a frequent contributor for Art Asia Pacific magazine and works for the American Academy in Rome.



Staff Writer

Eric Booker

Born in Michigan, Eric Booker studied Art History and Museum Studies at Michigan State University. After graduating, he moved to New York to work with the curatorial departments at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and at The Studio Museum in Harlem. He then began working with artists outside the museum, facilitating the grants programs at the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. He currently resides at the Calder Foundation, where he works on developing lectures, exhibitions, and a host of other events that seek to engage the public while preserving the legacy of Alexander Calder.



Staff Writer

John Benito Straight from the streets of NYC, Jon Benito was influenced early on by his older brother who introduced him to 90’s raves, clubs and graffiti. His first art opening at 15 was at the Sidewalk Cafe in the East Village. Fighting the good fight, Jon has written for a variety of venues ranging from Fashion to Art.  Running away from gentrification, he has lived in Williamsburg, Bushwick, Crown Heights, and East Harlem. He is now located in the Boogie Down Bronx, in hopes that the neighborhood will never turn and a bit of that old time New York (his first love) can live on.



Website Design

thomas_brodinHôtel Existence is a creative network for brands and artistic development.

Their coat of arms are:

Apple : Liberality, Felicity, and Peace.
Bow & Arrow : Power and ability to hit a target.
Wolf : Perseverance in siege or effort.




Camille Shumann

While briefly in New York for a visiting art program, Camille Shumann accepted the grand challenge of building the S2S header for our homepage. She took the disparate, iconic symbols of New York and Berlin, and put them together in the old school cut and paste method using paper and scissors. The result couldn’t have been better. We seriously got lucky! A native of Seattle and a true Pacific Northwest spirit, she is currently studying studio art with a concentration on drawing and sculpture in Portland. Expect big things from her in the future.





Editor-in-Chief Berlin

Stefanie Tendler

Born in Heidelberg, Stefanie Tendler  studied Tourism, and works in Business Travel for BCD Travel. Since her main interest has always been cultural and artistic movements, she moved to Berlin, Germany’s capital and center of creativity. She has been involved in numerous projects, from exhibitions to experimental theatre. She is currently also writing for the German art website: Freunde der Künste. Many of her articles focus on people who are trying to escape the general expectations of society.



Managing Editor

Frieda BellmannFrieda Bellmann was born and raised in Berlin. She studied Industrial Design at the University of the Arts Berlin and has worked  as a Designer for a variety of different companies, such as Porsche Design, the Costume Department of the German TV station SAT1, and Studio Ginette Caron in Milan (Italy). Recently, she designed three luxury tool bags for the new Volkswagen campaign “Luxury meets Labour” and is one of the finalists in the official Berlin Souvenir award of “Be Berlin.” Last year she curated three exhibitions in Berlin – at HBC. Gallery, Z-Inema and Bauer & Ewald.



Staff Writer

Mike TrupianoA long-time New Yorker, Mike Trupiano’s big claim to fame is waiting in the green room of the David Letterman show but not getting to perform his standup comedy – Dave talked to a guest too long.  Now, content at last, he’s an English instructor, editor and writer in Berlin who is attempting to perfect his German. Sehr schwer…aber manchmal Spass! You can see and hear his ostensibly humorous musings on Youtube and Twitter at themiketrupiano.




Staff Writer

Nick Beddek

Curiosity brought Nicholas Beddek to the multi-faceted urban mix that is Berlin.  Having being brought up in New Zealand, this open-minded Kiwi sought to fly and discover the world.  In knowledge, travel and the appreciation of people, Nicholas finds his inspiration. When not curiously discovering people and situations, he can be found on his trusty bike discovering places and moments.



Staff Writer

Burcu SahinBurcu Sahin is of Turkish descent but was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Her background has made her aware of cultural and national identity and its importance in all  aspects of expression. Who is allowed to express themselves, and in what way? She currently lives in Berlin and writes about literature, film and art for a variety of platforms.




Staff Writer 

Paula Trimbur

Born (*1984) and raised in Berlin, Paula Trimbur is a freelance Set and Product Designer. Her creativity is inspired by the diversity of Berlin´s everyday life and impulsive art scene. She is working in her Studio 4⁴ and for the young new shoe label VELT at THE WYE in Berlin Kreuzberg.


  1. Liliana Velasquez

    NYer in love with Berliner… travelling back in forth interesting website. I am a comedian actress writer choreographer and I found this new internet find to be right along the path I am on Thank you!

  2. max

    hi you,
    as new yorkers in berlin and berliners in new york,
    you shouldn’t miss the exhibition NEW YORK INTERSPACES by Junggeun Oh at galerie son.
    feel cordially invited.
    if you think this is just promo, delete this comment,
    but please come around. it’s worth it.

  3. Alam Simonsen Fan Club

    Grew up on Soccer Made In Germany. Loved listening to Toby Charles. Man, great memories. I even still have my Soccer Made In Germany pennant Transtel sent me when I wrote them back in the early ’80s. I’ll forever be Munching Gladbach thanks to that show.

  4. Rowana Shepard

    Hi Susanne !

    Just wanted to say hi to you . Not necessarily about Berlin/NY, although I have a friend in Berlin who travels between US and Berlin regularly. Just curious about “the road you travel”

    Rowana Shepard

  5. Stephen Harrison

    Soccer Made in Germany –
    Mike, I think we may have watched it on the same PBS station out of St. Louis. I grew up in the sticks of mid-MO and didn’t even have a youth league to play in back in the late 70’s, so I had to settle for being a ball boy for the local college a couple blocks away. Everything you said in this article is spot on. I can still remember giggling at the TV when Toby Charles mentioned the team lined up in front of a free kick as “guarding their testes” as only he would. Good and funny memories.

  6. richter verena

    hey tina kennst du mich noch? vor ca. 20 jahren da warst du noch ein kleiner mensch der gerade den weg in die welt finden wollte. über eine nachricht würde ich mich freuen. verena

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